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SAFAS Health and Safety

At Flostream we place the safety, health and wellbeing of our team at the centre of our operation.  We utilise training, communications and incentive programmes to help ensure that every member of the Flostream team is aware of our aims and is fully involved with our Health & Safety strategies.

We are an ambitious, growing company and we strive continuously to keep our staff safe and healthy. We hold regular training courses, seminars and workshops to help ensure that everyone is involved and stays up to date with new developments.  Flostream also provides safety information via our on-line news facility which also hosts our e-learning modules for regular updates and ongoing training.  Our interactive H&S facility means that all personnel have 24/7 access to important information wherever they happen to be – via PC, laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Awareness of Health & Safety issues is central to our aim of achieving “zero accidents and incidents” in our workplace.  We have an effective programme in place that enables any member of the team to report potential hazards.  All directors and senior management are alerted and immediate action can be taken.  This enables us to activate our dynamic risk assessment procedures and deploy any required actions, including training updates.

We understand that Health & Safety is also of paramount importance to our clients and to the successful and expedient delivery of the services we provide.  Flostream operates in close cooperation with our customers to help ensure that all relevant safety matters are managed effectively and in accordance with the legislation.

Flostream works in partnership with SAFAS, who bring a broad range of support and expertise to our Safety, Health and Wellbeing strategy.

We constantly strive to review and improve our Health & Safety procedures to help ensure that we continue to provide a safe and healthy environment for all our staff.

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FLostream are based in Slough. Berkshire, and are a provider of Fulfilment Solutions, Mailing House Services, Print Distrbition, and Warehouse and logistics solutions.


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