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Enclosing Services

A professional enclosing company offering Machine and Hand Enclosing Services

Flostream has been providing enclosing services for over twenty years. In that time have established ourselves as one of the most comprehensive enclosing solution providers in the UK.

We Offer:

  • Machine enclosing
  • Hand enclosing
  • Envelope insertion
  • Large or unusual object enclosing
  • Packing of promotional items
  • Direct Mail fulfilment

Additional Services

  • Polybagging – inserting leaflets into folders and wallets
  • Collating and inserting into ring binders
  • Affixing labels
  • POS collation
  • Inserting various languages with different packs

We offer both machine and hand enclosing services. From our processing facility based in Berkshire, we can implement and fulfil your entire mailing project.

Machine Enclosing

Machine enclosing has a fast turnaround and is suitable for large volume or urgent enclosing needs. It utilises the use of hoppers, where items or mailings are fed and collated at high speed. These are then packaged into envelopes or other media. Machine Enclosing is particular suited to direct mail campaigns.

Before starting your campaign we advise of any limitations of the machine enclosing process particular to your project. Limitations can be with regards to the weight of the inserts, sizes, shapes, and the availability of suitable materials.

Hand Enclosing

Hand Enclosing is very much the traditional enclosing method.  Mail, products, or other media are inserted by hand into polybags, envelopes, or packaging in a timely and concise manner. Hand Enclosing is slower than machine enclosing but is ideal for irregularly shaped items, items of varying sizes and shapes. It does tend to be a lot slower than machine enclosing, and therefore more expensive.

If you are unsure which method is suitable for you, please contact us on 01628 669548 and we’ll discuss your options with you. Or, fill out our quick enquiry form.

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FLostream are based in Slough. Berkshire, and are a provider of Fulfilment Solutions, Mailing House Services, Print Distrbition, and Warehouse and logistics solutions.


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