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Hand Enclosing

Hand Enclosing Services and solutions. Fast turnaround, competitive prices.

Flostream offer a very competitive HAnd Enclosing service to companies throughout the UK and beyond. We have been involved in enclosing fulfilment for many years, and over this time have built a dedicated and experienced team of managers and workers who can consistently and reliably produce fast results tailored to your companies requirements. In instances where Machine Enclosing is not suitable, Hand Enclosing is a viable alternative.


How can enclosing help your company?

Hand Enclosing is mainly focused on items, products, or mailings which are not suitable for use with the much faster method of Machine Enclosing. For example, you may have heavy, irregular shaped, or randomly sized or collated items which require additional thought processes, or manual intervention, in order to be fulfilled. It is a much slower and labour intensive process than machine enclosing, and can therefore command additional costs, but we have implemented methods and procedures which keep these as low as possible, and can therefore pass the savings onto you.


Why would i need Hand Enclosing?

Often the more practical approach where unusual or sometimes awkward items need to be enclosed. Some items cannot be directly machine enclosed and may require a combination of the two services. These more challenging requirements can certainly be fulfilled, but as you would expect, they require a longer processing time.


How can Flostream help?

Our management team work closely with our warehouse staff, therefore can advise you with experience as to any limitations or constraints you should be aware of with the machining aspects and how they can overcome these obstacles via hand enclosing before projects begin.

For more information on our Enclosing Services, and which may be suitable for your business, give us a call and we’d be happy to discuss it with you.

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