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Mailing Services and Solutions from the UK’s biggest mail providers

Working with the Royal Mail, Down Stream Access Providers and Hand Delivery agents we offer our clients the option to choose specific cost effective UK mailing resources. From receipt, we can clean and sort the data and due to our wholesale volume discounts obtain you the best price to complete the job. From digital printing of letters, inserts and mail envelopes we achieve the best prices for your UK mailings.

We offer the following Mailing Services...

Mailsort is a coding scheme applied to post by the Royal Mail, and different numbers pertain to different mailing methods. Large quantities generally receive a discount, and as it is a different system it is possible to specify service levels other than 1st and 2nd class. Flostream offer full mailsort posting and fulfilment solutions. Call us for more information.

  • Mailsort 1 delivery the next working day after the day of posting
  • Mailsort 2 delivery three working days after the day of posting
  • Mailsort 3 delivery within seven working days after the day of posting

We offer a full Downstream Access service (final mile delivery). Postal regulations changed in 2006, which led to competitors of Royal Mail being able to handle postage items.  This allows for substantial savings to be made against Royal Mails Chargers, and enables Flostream to offer you some of the most competitive mailing services you’ll find. We can assist and explain about Downstream Access, and streamline your postal services and bring them in line with current reduced costs available to you.

PressStream is a service offered by the Royal Mail and is ideal for publishers of magazines, newsletters and regular journals or monthly postings. If offers reliable droprates of up to 2Kg in weight, and is ideal if you distribute over one thousand items regularly (ie several times a year). Although you can buy PressStream services form Royal Mail Directly, buying from ourselves ensures great savings are made. For more information please see the Royal Mail PressStream page.

Packet Post is a similar service to PressStream offered by the Royal Mail, but is different in that it refers to parcels as opposed to publications. It is particularly suited to companies who send over 500 large items a year. The cost is based on the average weight and size of each item as opposed to having each item charged for on an individual basis. Again, you can book direct via Royal Mail, but using a third party maul fulfilment provider such as Flostream can help reduce costs even further

We also of course offer a standard Parcel Service. Any amount and size of item is delivered via our extensive network or mail providers and couriers

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FLostream are based in Slough. Berkshire, and are a provider of Fulfilment Solutions, Mailing House Services, Print Distrbition, and Warehouse and logistics solutions.


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