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Our Cookies and Privacy Policies

Website Privacy Notice

Flostream Ltd
1) Within this Notice
a) ‘Company’ means Folstream Ltd. Mailing Services and Fulfilment House, Unit 2 Blackthorne Point, Blackthorne Road, Coinbrook, SL3 0DA.
b) The visitor/user of the Website is referred to as ‘you’ or ‘Your’.
c) ‘Personal Data’ means any information from which you can be personally identified, including online identifiers like email address and I.P address (a digital address which identifies the device you access the internet with).
d) ‘Website’ means http://www.flostream.
2) The Company is a Data Controller under Data Protection Regulations and is committed to safeguarding the privacy of visitors to the Website.
3) This Notice is to ensure that you have all the information regarding how the Company may collect and process your Personal Data when using the Website  and to comply with our obligations and your rights created by applicable law.
4) Using the Website will be accepted as an affirmative action by you to confirm that you are over 13 years of age and agree to this Privacy Notice. If you are under 13 years of age or do not agree with anything within in this Privacy Notice, you should not use the Website.
5) The Company takes pride in keeping up to date with advances in technology and legal developments, this can result in changes to this Privacy Notice so you should refer to them on a regular basis to ensure that you are aware of our policies that are current at the time of your visit to the Website.
6) You can be assured any Personal Data will only be collected, processed and stored in accordance with this Privacy Notice.
Your Personal Data
7) We will process your Personal Data if you use the ‘Contact Us’ facility or you sign up to our newsletter,  we will need your name, company name, telephone number or email address.
8) This Personal Data is processed 
a) for a legitimate interest in order that the Company can respond to your enquiry or provide the requested information;
b) with your consent to send newsletters or notifications, where you request or permit such communications.
9) As you interact with the Website, we may automatically collect technical data about your equipment, browsing actions and patterns, for example–
a) Country;
b) Browser type;
c) operating system;
d) screen resolution;
e) web pages visited the Website);
f) length of visit;
g) the referral source (how you found or arrived at the Website) 
10) This Data is collected by third party processors using cookies (see our cookie policy for more information) to provide us with anonymised reports and statistics which is not Personal Data but help us to 
a) monitor usage and performance of the Website;
b) identify errors;
c) maintain a Website that is user friendly and compatible with popular devices and software;
d) Analyse and maintain the security of the Website and trace inappropriate or malicious use.
11) Where a third party is used to process or store your Personal Data who is based outside the EU we will ensure that the third party meets standards in relation to the security of your Personal Data which are consistent with Data Protection Regulations, for example a third party based in the U.S.A must subscribe to the U.S. Privacy Shield. Any third Party who is not based in a country that provides or meets the recognised standards the third party will be subject to the model contract provided by the European Commission.
12) The Company does not use automated processing of your Personal Data to form or make decisions.
13) The Company will take reasonable technical and organisational precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of Personal Data, including storing of data on a secure, password and firewall protected servers. 
14) In the event of a breach of the security measures taken to protect your Personal Data the Company will inform you as soon as is reasonably practical.
15) In order that In order that the Company is able to provide you with an optimum service and to ensure that all obligations under UK Data Protection legislation are complied with, you must let the Company know if any Personal Data which you have provided changes or becomes inaccurate or out of date.
16) The Company may permit third parties to advertise on the Website. These third parties may use tracking features to enable them to record the number of views, clicks and the referral source.
17) If you visit an advertiser’s website they will have their own Privacy Notice which you should read and accept.
Sharing your Personal Data
18) The Company may share your Personal Data with our employees, officers, agents, consultants, suppliers or subcontractors only insofar that it reasonably necessary 
a) in order to deal with an enquiry or to provide requested information;
b) to consider whether to enter into a contract with you;
c) for the performance of a contractual obligation between you and the Company;
d) under a legitimate interest that is stated within this Privacy Notice;
e) required by Law or order of a Court;
f) necessary for the prevention of fraud or other criminal activity;
g) for the purposes of establishing, exercising or defending legal rights;
h) required to by a purchaser in the event of selling the Company;
i) otherwise with your consent, request or instruction.
Data retention
19) Except where an enquiry progresses into a contract to provide services; or you request or consent to commercial communications; or required by law; or for the purposes of exercising or defending a legal right; the Company shall not retain your Personal Data for more than six months.
Your rights
20) Data Protection Regulation provides you with rights in relation to your Personal Data.
21) If you wish to exercise any of your right please contact the Data Controller at the address stated at the bottom of this Privacy Notice.
22) The Company shall not normally make a charge where you exercise your rights, however where a request is manifestly unfounded or excessive (for example it is a repetitive request, or where the Company needs to process large amounts of data) the Company may make a charge for reasonable administrative costs in dealing with the request.
23) As the Company takes the issue of protecting your Personal Data seriously, the Company shall follow strict storage and disclosure procedures which mean you may occasionally be required to confirm or provide proof of identity prior to dealing with a request.
Withdraw consent
24) Where processing of your Personal Data is based on your consent you may withdraw your consent at any time by informing the Data Controller or by using a link provided for that purpose in each commercial communication that the Company sends.
25) Upon receipt of a notice withdrawing your consent to process your Personal Data the Company shall stop processing the Personal Data except:
a) where there are compelling legitimate grounds for the processing, which override your interests, rights and freedoms; or
b) the processing is for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.
26) Where you withdraw consent the Company shall inform all third parties who your Personal Data has been shared (if any) that your consent to processing has been withdrawn.
Restrict processing
27) The Company shall restrict the processing of your Personal Data if the following circumstances arise
a) Where you contest the accuracy of the Personal Data, the Company shall restrict the processing until the accuracy of the Personal Data has been verified.
b) Where you have objected to the processing where it was necessary for the performance of a public interest task or purpose of legitimate interests, and the Company is considering whether the legitimate grounds override your grounds.
c) When processing is unlawful and you opposes erasure and you request restriction instead.
d) If the Company no longer needs the Personal Data but you require the information to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim.
28) Where processing of your Personal Data is restricted, the information shall be stored but no further processing shall occur and the Company shall
a) inform any third party to whom your Personal Data has been disclosed or shared that processing is restricted;
b) inform you when any restricted period comes to an end. 
Access to Personal Data
29) You may require the Company to provide you with 
a) Confirmation whether or not your Personal Data is being processed; and
b) Access to any Personal Data that the Company holds about you.  
30) The Company shall provide the requested Personal Data within one month of receipt of the request.
Data Portability
31) Any Personal Data that you provide for the performance of a contract which is stored electronically shall be held in a portable format (readable in a format that will be commonly used on other computer systems) and the Company shall provide this Data to you or directly to another organisation (where technically feasible) upon your request.
The right to rectify errors
32) Where any Personal Data that is processed is inaccurate or incorrect you have the right to instruct the company to correct the Personal Data.
33) The Company may, where the Company believes that the Personal Data is correct ask you for evidence to clarify or confirm that the Personal Data is wrong.
Right to erase Personal Data
34) You have the right in certain circumstances to instruct the Company to erase your Personal Data where 
a) The Personal Data is no longer necessary for the purpose for which it was originally collected or processed.
b) The Personal Data was processed with your consent and you withdraw your consent.
c) You object to the processing and there is no overriding legitimate interest for continuing the processing.
d) The Personal Data was unlawfully processed or obtained.
e) The Personal Data has to be erased in order to comply with a legal obligation.
f) The Personal Data is processed in relation to the offer of information services to a child. 
35) Where you have the right and you issue an instruction to erase your Personal Data  the Company shall use all reasonable efforts to
a) Inform all third parties to whom the Company has disclosed or shared your Personal Data of the requirement to erase your Personal Data which they hold;
b) In the event that your Personal Data has been published online the Company shall endeavour to ensure that any links or references are also removed;
36) The Company may refuse to erase your Personal Data only  
a) the processing is necessary for the performance of a contract;
b) to exercise the right of freedom of expression and information;
c) to comply with a legal obligation;
d) the processing is for the performance of a public interest task or exercise of official authority;
e) for public health purposes in the public interest;
f) archiving purposes in the public interest, scientific research historical research or statistical purposes; or
g) the exercise or defence of legal claims.
37) You can exercise any of your rights by contacting the Data Controller at  Folstream Ltd. Mailing Services and Fulfilment House, Unit 2 Blackthorne Point, Blackthorne Road, Coinbrook, SL3 0DA.
38) You can make a complaint about our processing of your Personal Data by contacting the Information Commission Office at, however we would appreciate the opportunity to address any concerns you may have before you make a complaint.


Website Cookie Policy
1. Use of Cookies
1.1. Like most websites, we use cookies. This policy informs you what cookies Flostream use and what we use them for ; this policy should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Notice.
1.2. A cookie is a small text file placed in your computer or mobile device which stores information that our servers use and access. 
1.3. A cookie does not give us access to your computer or data stored within it. We do not access information on cookies from other websites and they should not access ours.
1.4. We need your consent to place cookies in your computer or mobile device, except where the cookie is strictly necessary to provide a function like holding information you input to a form before sending the form to us.
1.5. By performing any of the following affirmative actions you are telling us that you are happy to accept our cookies
a) Clicking on the consent banner presented upon your arrival at our Website; or
b) Opening any Webpage (apart from this information page) after you have been presented with the banner asking for your consent.
1.6. It may be necessary to load some cookies immediately when you download a webpage and it may not be possible for you give your prior consent, however you can delete these cookies at any time or adjust the setting in your browser to reject these cookies.
1.7. Information on deleting or controlling cookies and adjusting the settings in your browser is available via the Help button on your browser and is widely available on the internet at websites like, but disabling all cookies would impair the usability, functionality and accessibility to certain areas or features within our and almost all other websites.
1.8. We use Cookies to -
a) Simplify and speed up your navigation of the Website to give you a better experience - When you visit Our Website, your web browser makes a request to our server with information which allows the requested webpage to be delivered to your computer or mobile device. This information is saved in a cookie so if you visit another page in our Website the cookie eliminates the need for your web browser to send the information again.
b) Provide functionality - without cookies certain webpages cannot function, for example an enquiry form or shopping cart would not be capable of remembering what had been entered by you prior to sending the information to us.
c) Analyse the use of our website – We use a third party to generate statistics by recording the number of visits to a webpage, or clicks on a particular button and the type of equipment or software used.   All this information allows us to analyse use of the Website, improve the Website and ensure it is compatible with popular devices or software.
1.9. We use the following types of cookies
a) Session cookies which are used whilst you navigate the Website and will be deleted from your computer when you close your browser.
b) Persistent cookies remain on your computer until they expire or are deleted by you. They are used to store information to speed up the technical processes involved in downloading a webpage should you revisit the website.
c) Analytic cookies, which record your actions whilst using the Website to generate statistics.
d) Third party cookies - If advertisements are shown on the Website they may use third party cookies or web beacons to record the number of views or clicks and to inform the advertiser of the referral source.
1.10. The cookies we use are
I.D Type Purpose Duration
If you have any questions or queries about our cookies please contact 
The Data Controller
Folstream Ltd. 
Mailing Services and Fulfilment House, 
Unit 2 Blackthorne Point, 
Blackthorne Road,