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Royal Mail International Posting Information

Service Update for customers in International incidents on Monday 29th April last updated at 08:16

Welcome to our international incident bulletin; a round up of any issues which may be affecting mail services to and from countries around the world.

We keep this information as up-to-date as possible, with information supplied to Royal Mail by the various foreign national postal authorities.

1. Africa

Start date: 29th April 2013
End date: Ongoing

We have had notification from our supplier that they are not currently able to accept mail to Eritrea.

There is a backlog of mail in Cairo that needs to be cleared before they will accept more mail. We are currently looking for alternative routings but in the meantime mail to this destination will be suppressed until further notice.

Start date: 30th Nov 2001
End date: Still current

No service since October 1991

2. Asia

Start date: 19th November 2012
End date: Ongoing

Due to airline issues on routes to Armenia mail services have been experiencing delays. Measures are being taken to ensure the delay is as minimal as possible but some delay currently exists for this destination.

Start date: 6th December 2012
End date: Ongoing

Due to the political situation, dispatching of all mail products to Syria has been suspended. Anything currently in the system will be returned to sender where possible.

3. Australasia

No incidents reported.

4. Europe

Georgia (Abkhazia and Ossetia regions only)
Start date: 12th July 2005
End date: Ongoing

Due to the local security and political situation, only International Signed For mail can be sent to the Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions of Georgia until further notice. Normal mail service is available to other regions of Georgia.

Start date: 2nd May 2013
End date: 5th May 2013

The regional air carrier SATA Air Açores has announced a 3-day strike starting Thursday 2nd May.

As a result, the transport of mail from Lisbon to the Azores archipelago as well as to the Porto Santo island in the Madeira archipelago is severely affected. Delays in the delivery of international mail are expected.

Start date: Tuesday 13th November 2012 (updated 10th April 2013)
End date: Ongoing

Problems within Russia Post operations at Moscow DME Airport and at their processing facilities in Moscow are continuing. This is causing delays for Royal Mail items due for delivery in the country.. Royal Mail is working with Russia Post to both quantify the length of the delays expected and also to work on ways to minimise any of these delays.

Start date: 19th March 2013
End date: Ongoing

Due to supplier capacity issues to the Ukraine, the uplift of mail products such as parcels, Express Mail Service (EMS) and letter mail is currently experiencing delays.

We are working to provide alternatives to overcome the delay.

5. Latin America & Caribbean

St. Lucia
Start date: 21st February 2013
End date: 25th April 2013

Due to industrial action by public officials in St Lucia we’ve been advised that there have been delays to both inbound and outbound mail since 21st February 2013.

Update: 25th April 2013

We’ve had confirmation that the industrial action in St. Lucia is now over, and normal service has resumed.

6. Middle East

No incidents reported.

7. North America (USA & Canada)

No incidents reported.

8. International Public Holidays

Country Date
Australia 1, 25
Austria 1
Belgium 1
Denmark 1, 26
Finland 1
France 1
Germany 1
Ireland 1
Israel 1, 26
Italy 1, 25
Netherlands 1, 30
New Zealand 1, 25
Norway 1
Portugal 25
Sweden 1


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